Reasons Why Botox® Should Be Part Of Your Beauty Routine


You need a lot more than regular cleansing and routine moisturising when you are looking to maintain healthy and glowing skin. When you age, your skin starts to lose collagen. The collagen in your skin is responsible for your skin’s elasticity. Once you start to lose it, your skin will develop wrinkles and fine lines. It will also start to thin out, especially around your eyes. This can ultimately make you look older than you truly are.

Bromley Aesthetics offers the in-demand and minimally invasive procedures that you want to keep you looking great. These procedures included the everso popular Botulinum Toxin Type A treatment. When you visit us, we create a fully customised treatment plan to ensure you get the most out of your Botulinum Toxin injections. That way the injections can keep your skin looking smooth and free of fine lines and wrinkles.

Reasons-Why-Botox-Should-Be-Part-Of-Your-Beauty-RoutineThe Clear Signs Of Aging

A crystal clear sign that you are aging typically occurs around the eyes. As mentioned previously, the eye area is typically where your skin is the thinnest. You will start to notice fine lines spreading out from your eyes which are commonly known as ‘crow’s feet.’ These signs can be clear signs of aging and depending on genetics and other factors, they could develop prematurely.

It’s also possible to develop wrinkles from smiling and squinting over the years. Both these creases and wrinkles can be one of the very first things someone new notices about you. This can hinder your confidence and hurt how you think about yourself.

As a result, a lot of people start to look at getting anti-aging treatments when they hit 30 and beyond. This is typically the age where collagen production decreases so things start to get noticeable. It’s also when you start to lose that youthful glow you once had. This is why it’s so important to get ahead of the curve and be proactive about your skin health rather than reactive.

How Botulinum Toxin Helps Delay Aging Side-Effects

Believe it or not, Botox® is made out of a toxin. Botulinum toxin type A to be exact. This is a toxin that effectively paralyzes nearby muscles temporarily. It does this to relax the muscles that are the root cause of wrinkles and fine lines. It essentially interferes with the nerve signals that result in the muscle contracting to the point where these lines become visible.

Because of this, Botulinum Toxin can be a very effective treatment for those looking to reduce even deeply set wrinkles and fine lines. After getting the injection, the nearby muscles relax and it smooths out the skin. Learn More:

What Botulinum Toxin isn’t is a filler. It’s an injection that gets to the root cause of the wrinkles and fine lines. Because of this, it offers long-lasting appeal. You will typically find the results from a Botulinum Toxin injection lasting upwards of multiple months. This means it’s a rather long-term solution to giving you a youthful and glowing appearance.

At Bromley Aesthetics, you will have a fully customised treatment plan devised for you. This treatment plan will help to address everything that you want to be solved. The treatment plan will be optimised to deliver you the results you are seeking to improve your self-confidence and satisfaction with your appearance. The techniques and products used at Bromley Aesthetics are completely safe and will deliver natural-looking results.

Complimenting It With A Good Skincare Routine

Once you get your Botulinum Toxin injections, you will notice the results right away. However, to maintain it, you do want to alter some things with your skincare routine. When you leave Bromley Aesthetics, you will leave with a recommended skincare regimen that will help to protect your skin from damage from environmental elements and more.

Some Of The Top Tips Included In Your Routine Will Likely Include:


  • Improving your diet.
  • Getting more exercise throughout the day.
  • Use an SPF moisturiser.
  • Use a gentle facial cleanser twice per day.
  • Remove all makeup before you go to bed.

As mentioned, one of the main things you need to do to prevent signs of aging is to protect your skin from exposure to harmful sun rays. You want to wear effective sunscreen daily. This includes the winter when you may not expect to sustain sun damage.

It’s best to avoid going outside throughout the early morning and early afternoon period. This is typically when the sun is at its peak and when the most damage can be done. If you are going to head out, try to wear a minimum of 30SPF sunscreen and do your best to cover your face as much as possible to protect your skin health.

By getting Botulinum Toxin and incorporating some of the skincare tips above, you can easily transform your skin to look more youthful and vibrant. You can restore your youthful appearance or do your best to maintain it.

If you want to see what Botulinum Toxin can do for you, book your appointment with Bromley Aesthetics online or over the phone on 07490 708932. We look forward to helping you restore your self-confidence and love the skin you’re in!

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