Reasons Botox Should Only Be Performed By A Medical Professional


Top-Reasons-Botox-Should-Only-Be-Performed-By-A-Medical-ProfessionalBotox® parties & social media influencers have increased in popularity throughout the UK. This is concerning to those who have been medically trained to provide the anti-wrinkle injections. Botulinum Toxin, anti-wrinkle injections in general, are risky treatments that are increasingly being performed illegally from homes.

The truth is botched results are often produced at Botox parties. We at Bromley Aesthetics believe you should only allow a medical professional to administer Botulinum Toxin.

Here are the top reasons why Botox® should only be performed by a medical professional.


1. Botox® Requires A Prescription
Botox can be obtained via a prescription, which means only those who are professionally trained can get it. If someone non-licenced obtains Botulinum Toxin, then they are breaching the law. Non-professionals who administer the treatment are doing it illegally.

Nurses, pharmacists, dentists and surgeons who provide Botox legally have received training in aesthetics. These professionals should be trusted over non-medical professionals or beauticians who don’t have a licence. If you go to a non-professional, then you’re taking a huge risk.

2. Quality Products Are Used By Medical Professionals
When materials are medically regulated, then this means the products are of higher quality. Medical professionals use high quality products that are trusted and regulated, while non-licenced individuals don’t have access to the same kind of products. The last thing you want is for unlicenced products to be used on your body because your health and safety could be compromised.

3. Medical Professionals Know About Anatomy
Botulinum Toxin can improve the skin’s appearance, but things are more than skin-deep when it comes to injections. Some people might know a lot about surface level treatments, but they probably won’t know much about what procedures involve injections into various muscles of the areas belong treated. A medical professional will know this because they are knowledgeable about anatomy. This means you’ll receive peace of mind knowing your health and safety won’t be at risk.

4. Medical Professionals Know About The Risks
Even if a non-licenced professional is very careful when providing treatment, side effects and complications can still arise. Some side effects are normal. These side effects include minor bruising, mild discomfort and in some cases symptoms that are similar to flu symptoms.

A medically trained professional knows all about the risks and complications involved. They can provide you with advice on how to deal with ailments, as well as what you can expect after treatment. Not only that, but you can receive after-care support. If you don’t have support, then you could end up developing anxiety.

Those are the top four reasons to only allow a medically trained professional to administer Botox. I think you’ll agree that it’s in your best interest to see a medical professional if you’re interested in receiving Botox. Remember, you’ll have a better chance of getting the best results possible if you go to a medically trained professional for your Botox treatments.

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